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Rich graphics in HD

icons_cards Feel like it is real
Never before could you feel the casino spirit so clearly as you do when choosing SlotIn. Truly stylish, fun and free slots with stunning HD graphics and wonderful sound effects make your game even more exciting.

Go social

icons_dragon Share & Win
SlotIn has a unique multiplayer game mode that offers a refreshing twist on classic slots genre. Bonus system allows users to interact in real time, power-ups that players send to their friends will earn them cashback. Each type of power-up brings a new twist to the game rules, and can boost player's win to new levels. As it comes from social sources, the process gets even more engaging for both participants.

Blazing Fast

icons_flying_tv Catch the wave
SlotIn is one-of-a-kind  aesthetic  experience with stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. 3D acceleration technology supports the speed and quality of three-dimensional visualization. The new mode of rendering enables Flash 3D content to be handled by a secondary processor, part of the video hardware of a computer.

Desktop & Mobile

icons_mech Desktop & Mobile
Gamers will be able to enjoy our slots at anytime, anywhere. We strive to make our slots available for each user wherever they might be, as we adapt them to Android and iOS platform as well as to various social websites. You can log in via Facebook and continue on mobile device using the same user account and retaining your progress!

Special offer for partners!

We’ve got a great social gaming experience ready for you!
  • Do you own a strong IP? (Movie, game, etc)
  • Does your site has a lot of traffic?
  • Do you want to further monetize your product?

Contact us and we will make a slot machine based on your IP and help you earn once more.


Play it on gaming portals and mobile devices

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